Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Day 3: Mentally Challenged!!!

Today was an awfully long day and I wanted to do nothing but just SLEEP! The problem that awaken me to my senses was....

We were to use the digits 0 to 9 to form sums by adding two digit number to another two digit number which would give us a two digit answer!!! But the challenge was not to use the two digit number twice!

Then we were challenged to think deeper. 

What is the largest two digit answer possible?
Answer: 98 (Many possible ways such as 57+41 , 61+37...)

What is the smallest two digit possible? 
Answer: 39 (Only one way, which is 25 + 14)
Problem 10:Quiz 1!!!

Keynotes from Quiz 1

 "Enrichment" is DIFFERENT from "Acceleration".

In enrichment, we provide more challenges so that the child will be more proficient in that topic!
Introduction of a concept of a higher level (teaching tomorrow's lesson)...that'll be acceleration!

Just when I was feeling awake and relaxed, who had to appear?!! My arch nemesis, FRACTIONS!!!

I would gladly share if this was a 3kg cake but it's only a small slice of it.

Do I still have to share 3/4 of it?


I love CAKES!!! 


Luckily, I managed to solve the problem and get the RIGHT answer!


Signing off,

Uma >_<



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