Saturday, 28 September 2013

Day 6: Finale of a Love-Hate relationship!

Dear Love Maths,

We have come to the end and it's time for me to declare that I have fallen for you. Yes, you have succeeded in helping me to break down the wall of fear. Now, I can proudly say that you are the "square root" of my heart and I will able to try and solve any challenges you throw at me with confidence and enthusiasm.

Thank you for showing me that you are the "element" to my set of numeracy experiences.

With lots of love,

Today's lesson marks the end of our module with Dr.Yeap. It was an eye-opener and I must admit that learning mathematics is not that bad after all. Thank you Dr.Yeap for making my journey an interesting one! 

Highlight of today's lesson was:
How the game is played:
Three players (A, B and C)
A deck of cards without the joker, Jack, Queen and King.
Player A will be the dealer and will say salute. The other 2 players B and C will place a card on their foreheads face up. They can see the opponent's card, but not their own. Player A will multiply the two numbers and announces the answer for the two cards. Players B and C will then have to guess the numbers on their cards. The first person to say the answer to  her own card gets to keep the both cards. This is a great game for multiplication addition or even subtraction!

I sure had fun playing this game with my team mates, Punitha and Vasantha. I'm sure that the children would love it,too!

Anyway, here is a video for you to see how the game is played:

Till we meet again, 


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