Friday, 27 September 2013

Day 5: Its all about "Maths" Day!!!

Today's lesson started late as my group members and I went on a hunt to the Singapore Art Museum in search of an ART work that we can use to provide mathematical experiences during differentiated learning.

Art pieces that captured our attention:

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke”
-Jerzy Kosinski

We began our lesson with:


"Differentiation means tailoring instruction 

to meet individual needs."



Problem 18:
How many different types of squares can you make with 7 pieces of Tangram?!
Below is a picture of the squares I made with my teammates Punitha and Vasantha :)

We tried making a square with 6-pieces of tangram BUT we couldn't; 
I wonder why and how to make one?!
Can you solve this?

Next, Multiplication:
I learnt that it has 4 meanings>

There are different strategies to solving multiplication questions. 
Pick a way that works for you:

Problem 19: Making squares from triangles

Method 1:
Cut out a triangle from a construction paper > an isosceles right angle : 90 degrees

Next, we were asked by Dr. Yeap to make a rectangle out of a triangle.
We had fun doing it. Try it for yourself, too! ;)

A fun day indeed!!!

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