Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day 2: Distance!

Dear my love Mathematics,

 I am going to keep my distance from you but I think love will bring us a little closer. Yes, my dear, you have me swimming in the deep ocean of numbers and problems. I am hoping that I can look at all your angles and find the "X" in your heart!

So, my love, don't let time and speed create a wider distance between us.

With XOXO,
Your Muse,

Yipee!!! Today's lesson was all about WHOLE NUMBERS!!! ^_^ 
I learnt that numbers can be used in many ways. They are:
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Cardinal Numbers
  • Norminal Numbers
  • Measurement Numbers
Another key point to take away for me was that Dr Yeap mentioned that "You cannot add or subtract things that have different nouns." Thus, we cannot give children different nouns for addition or subtraction, For example: "Add 5 apples and 3 oranges!!!"

Anyway, there were a few things that got me a little hyped up. Firstly, problem 5: "Sesame Street!"

Can you solve the riddle?!! So, what's your answer?!!

Secondly, problem 6: One or Two?!
This games teaches children to subtract without mentioning that they are actually doing it! While playing this game with my friends, my strategy was to take control  and ensure that only 5 or 3 beans will be left so that I will be VICTORIOUS! My plan worked and I won in all the rounds!!! Now, what's your strategy to winning it?!

Next, problem 7: "Jack and The Beanstalk!"
"TEN FRAMES" was introduced and it will be good to expose children with this activity. Not only would they learn counting, sorting, subtracting and one-to-one correspondence, they will also have fun.
Ten Frames is using the "Make 10 Method".
5 +7 +6= 18
/  \
5  1

***Word of the day: "Subitize" > It is a "rapid, accurate and confident judgment of number."
Lastly, problem 8: "How do you share 51 eggs among 3 persons?"
Let's Divide!
How many eggs does each of them get?
How many ways are there to divide and solve the question?

51  /  3  =  17
                                                              /    \
                                                            30  21
Wow! Wasn't that easy?!

To conclude my blog, here's a little something from me to you! <3





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